Wednesday, 8 August 2012

More Lilac Lovelies - CRAFTfest Sept 2012!

With the September CRAFTfest drawing closer and closer there's still plenty of time to showcase some more wonderful creations from the Lilac team - or as we like to call ourselves the Lilac Lovelies!
So to kick us off we have:

Specialising in handmade cotton patchwork cushions and wool felt bits and bobs! KOOSHKA are always working on new products and expanding their range using other fabric items and a wider size range of cushions/scatter cushions.  One of their creations is fantastic fun egg cosies made from felt which are adorable!

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Making adorable unique handmade plushies.  If you don't know what a plushie is then you have to check them out - complete cuteness!! I love Cedric the party Sloth!

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Pollyanna Jewellery
PollyAnna Jewellery - specialising in knitted wire jewellery, semi-precious gemstone and wedding jewellery. I adore the intricate knitted wire cuffs.

Hoobynoo World is a happy place where the sun is always shining! It is filled with a whole host of fun and fabulous characters, each with their own unique, bouncy personality!  Meet Solly the Sun, Clarissa the Cupcake or Derek the Whale!

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Brimble Originals
Designing and making beautiful decorative felt items such as felt flower wreaths, gift boxes and envelopes. The flower wreaths are stunning!

I hope you've enjoyed checking out the talent.  More Lilac Lovelies to come soon!!