Sunday, 17 November 2013

Stocking fillers under a fiver!

Welcome to the ColaCreations Blog stop on the Christmas Craftfest Blog Tour!

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I'd use this Blog stop to give you a few ideas for some Christmas stocking fillers! The best part is that all of these are under £5 and can be purchased at Craftfest.

 Gifts under £5

Orange Coin Purse by Loopy's Place
Snow Lady in Orange by Lilly and Nells
Duck soap by Scent Cosmetics
Butterfly Coaster by Leafy Lion Crafts
Peg Memo Magnets by ColaCreations
Red, Black & White Dice Cocktail Ring by Beaded Bazaar
Blue Pearl Drop Earrings by Claire's Craft Corner
Vanilla & Strawberry Cupcake soap by Witch Way Beauty
Bee Print Keyring by Bizzie Me

Coasters - from £5.00 per set
Coasters are not only functional and practical but can be pretty and funky too!  How about hand stamped tile coasters?  Or tile coasters patterned in various designs including Best of British, Blue Pattern, TeaTime.  Or choose some fun blackboard tile coasters - write your own message on them in chalk. Click here to buy

Notecards - from £2.75 per set
Hand stamped note card sets.  Each set contains 4 individual note cards with matching envelopes.  The note card sets come in a variety of designs but all are handmade.  Some have a message stamped on them and others are left blank for your own message. Click here to buy

  If you have a bit more to spend and are looking for something more than a stocking filler then I have found some wonderful items for sale at Craftfest.

Other gift ideas
Yellow stained glass sunccatcher by Ravens Stained Glass
Alice in Wonderland Resin Ring by Nikki K
Nursery Fish print cushion by Csevenm 
Hand Printed Purse Henrietta by POPSEY
Or what about a gorgeous chunky knit?  Choose from an infinity scarf, cowl or snood - all in a variety of colours! Click here to buy

Or what about some resin button coasters - these are so funky and fun! Click here to buy

All items can be purchased from ColaCreations at either WOWThankYou or Folksy or through Craftfest.

Don't forget if you purchase an item from ColaCreations during Craftfest then you will receive a free set of notecards with every order!  Simply quote the code CFNOV2013 at the time of ordering (this is only though the website WOWThankyou)

Friday, 15 November 2013

Thank You from me to you!


Thank You, danke, grazie, merci, gracias, asante, tack, efharisto, arigato, spasibo, obrigado, tak, dankie -whatever language you say it in doesn't matter - it still has the same meaning! 

We all need to say thank you for something and what better way than with a beautiful hand stamped notecard?

And with Christmas just around the corner there will be lots of Thank You's needed!

  • Thank You for the amazing Christmas gifts
  • Thank You for cooking a wonderful Christmas lunch
  • Thank You for hosting Christmas
  • Thank You for being the designated driver this Christmas
  • Thank You for just being You! 

As a big Thank you to you for supporting handcrafted sellers ColaCreations is giving away a set of Thank You cards when an item is purchased from my WOWThankYou shop during the CRAFTfest event.

Simply enter code CFNOV2013 when you make your purchase and a free set of note cards will be sent along with your purchase!

All that is left for me to say is a big THANK YOU for taking the time to read this Blog!

This promotion is available from 16th - 23rd Nov 2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Reasons why you should....

....sign up for the next CRAFTfest event!

If you're a Craft Seller then you'll want to get involved in the next CRAFTfest event running from 16th - 23rd November 2013.  Booking forms can be found here

Top 10 reasons why you should take part in CRAFTfest:

1. It's cheaper than a stall at a traditional craft fair.
2. You can set your stall up well in advance of the event so there is no last minute panic that you have forgotten something vital.
3. It's quick and easy to set your stall up with help and advice from team leaders.
4. The event is not weather dependent so your stall will still receive visitors even if the weather is bad! Your customers will be shopping from the comfort of their home!
5. There is no danger of running out of change for your customers!
6. You can learn new online promotional skills 
7. Meet like minded people on the Creative Connections platform
8. Plenty of promotion across varying social media platforms prior to the event.
9. No early morning start preparing to get to the event to set up.
10. Lots of SALES!

Sign up here today to secure your stall!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

An eventful summer!

 Welcome to the World! 

What an eventful summer!  Over the last 8 weeks, my crafting has taken a bit of a backseat due to the early arrival of our beautiful little girl!  Arriving 6 weeks early on 5th July (in the midst of the last Craftfest event - so apologies again to my brilliant Blue Team for abandoning them and thank you to the other team leaders for stepping in!), she took us by surprise by not only arriving early, but rather quickly as well!  Thankfully there was enough time (just!) to get us to the hospital and for Daddy to get himself there too so he didn't miss any of the excitment!  We are now getting to grips with becoming parents and getting used to sleepless nights, dirty nappies and noise - but we love it and absolutely wouldn't change it for the world!  Everyone has been so kind and so generous and we have been given some amazing gifts!  There have been quite a few handcrafted items including plaques, knitted booties and clothes and the odd keepsake or two thrown in.  

I have been having a browse on Folksy and WowThankYou websites to have a look at what new baby items are for sale and I have come across some beautiful and gorgeous toys that I thought I'd share with you!

Cute Rabbit by Ellie May Designs
Noahs Ark Toys & Animals by Dollyfair
Sock Monkey by Put a Sock in It
Pink Elephant by Happy Geek Creations
Diplodocus by Kate Murray Soft Toys
Farm Animal Finger Puppets by With Hugs and Kisses
Caroline the Cat by Kozmic Dreams
Ballet Dancer by Dolly DayDream
Cuddly Woodlouse by Minxtures

I hope you've enjoyed reading my Blog and finding out what great handmade toys are out there!

Also if anyone is interested the Booking Forms are open for the next CRAFTfest event.  Taking place from 16th - 23rd November 2013 it is a great place to get lots of Sales - especially in the run up to Christmas!  To book your stall or find out more information, click HERE!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

You are invited to......

Invitation to Join CRAFTfest!

To: All CraftSellers

Please join us to take part in an Online Craft Fair 

Date: 29th June - 6th July 2013

Book your CRAFTfest stall today!  Simply complete the online booking form to secure your place.
The idea behind CRAFTfest is to showcase your items through an interactive 'stall'.  CRAFTfest allows potential buyers to visit and browse all stalls and purchase items from your stall through links in your product descriptions.

Your stall will be open 24 hours a day during the week long event, so more time for potential buyers to make a purchase!

There will be plenty of promotions taking part in the run up to CRAFTfest and in the week the event is running so lots of opportunity for sales!

Please come along and join us! We have a fantastic group of team leaders to help you along the way with advertising and promotions.

Once you have set your 'stall' up, it will look something similar to the below.  If you click on the slideshow you will be taken to Colacreations Home Craftfest Stall.  By clicking on the individual photos you will see a full description along with links on where the item can be purchased:

But don't just take my word for it.  Check out what sellers who have taken part in previous CRAFTfest events have said here!


Join us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Buttons, buttons, buttons....

Buttons, buttons, buttons....

Buttons......I just LOVE them! Different colours, different shapes, different sizes, different textures - and there are so many things you can do with them!

I have always used buttons in my crafting, from creating button jewellery such as bracelets and brooches to using them to embellish my ever popular Peg Memo Magnets, Keepsake New Baby Art and creating Cross Stitch Buttons.

Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting using buttons with resin.  My latest creation is now complete!  A set of resin button coasters.  Each coaster is embedded with a shade of buttons in different shapes and sizes.  My first set consists of yellow, green, blue and purple shades.  I am so pleased with how they are turned out - a success!

I have been browsing through Folksy looking for other sellers that use buttons and have found some fabulous items.  Here are just a few of them!

Buttons Jug by Blackbird Studio
Granny's Buttons by BettyK
Duck egg blue heart tea cosy by The Cosy Daisy
Handmade Buttons by Connie Crockett
Blue Ceramic Button Ring by Button it Jewellery by Ali
Vintage Button Hoop Earrings by Bella Designs
Button Letter Cushion by Gillyjam
Orange flower hair clips by Weetinkers

BTW - a note for fellow Craft sellers!

Don't forget about the summer CraftFest event that is happening!  The event is running from 29th June to 6th July 2013.

If you're a Craft Seller and want more information then visit Craftfest here.  Book your stall for only £5!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Obsessed with knitting baby blankets!

Baby Blanket obsession!

I have always confessed to being a lover of knitting.  Whether it is chunky knit scarves and snoods to smaller more delicate knits of arm warmers, funky flowers and head bands.  I am now officially obsessed to knitting baby blankets!

My obesssion started with the news that my husband and I are expecting our first baby. Of course I immediately wanted to get creative and make something special for the new arrival.  Things have since got a little out of hand....and I have ended up with several completed baby blankets and am still working on more!!

All are in different sizes, different stitches and varying colours.....the latest creation is a cream and navy stripe.

My latest obession has however inspired me to have a look at what other hand crafted Baby items are out there.  There are some super cute goregous items!  Here are just a few I have found from WOWThankYou sellers!

First up the knitted collection:

Baby Beanie Hat in Pale Peach by Daisy Dumpling
Organic Pink Cotton Dress by Boutique Baby
Lemon Fleck Booties by Perfect Patchwork
Koala Beanie Hat by MammaZooms
Rose Cardigan by CJ Handknits
Crocheted bunny slippers by Daisy Eliza Designs
Beige hand Knitted Cable Tank Top by Boutique Baby
Crocheted Pom Pom Poncho by Daisy Eliza Designs
Hand Knitted Caterpillar Booties by Babyhandknitsbyceci

And next a variety of HandMade Baby Items

Handmade Diplodocus Soft Toy by Kate Murray Soft Toys
Giraffe in Dungarees by Ellie May Designs
Sock Monkey Caleb by Put a Sock In It
This Little Piggy Bodysuit by MyPipSqueak
Hello Super Soft Minky Baby Comforter Blanket by  My Funny Bunny
Baby Burp Cloth by Fabrilushus 

Also don't forget about the summer CraftFest event that is happening!  The event is running from 29th June to 6th July 2013.

If you're a Craft Seller and want more information then visit Craftfest here.  Book your stall for only £5!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Craftfest for Crafty Sellers

Don't miss out on a great business opportunity!

Sell your items at an online Craft Fair!

If you haven't heard about Craftfest, then you are missing a trick in selling your handmade items.

Craftfest is a regular online craft fair that runs for a week and allows you to set up your own craft stall and sell your items through it. There are several Craftfest events that run throughout the year and the next event is 29th June - 6th July 2013.

Taking part in Craftfest is the ideal opportunity not only to sell your items and gain more exposure, but it is also a great place to network, meet other sellers and to learn new marketing skills.

Each event is hosted by Creative Connections Social Network.  This is a great place to meet fellow crafters from all over the world, so even if you don't take part in Craftfest it is well worth joining Creative Connections! 

Once you have signed up for Craftfest you can create your stall and start promoting it straight away! As Craftfest is a community event you will get promotions from the Creative Connections Blogs, but you will also get promotions from other sellers too and so increase your stall exposure!

So now onto the important aspect, money.........

Unbelievably you can book a stall at Craftfest for a mere £5.00!  An absolute bargain (and well worth it!)

There are other pricing options available if you want help setting up your stall.  The options available are as follows:

Option 1
Standard Stall Booking - £5.00

Option 2
Stall and initial Set up - £10.00
This option includes your initial Creative Connections account set up on the Network and the creation of an empty stall for you ready to fill with your items.

Option 3
This option includes your initial Creative Connections account set up on the Network, the creation of a stall and up to 15 items added with a description, price and links

Once you sign up to Craftfest you will have access to: 
  1. A digital flyer that you can post on the Internet and also print at home to put up in offices/schools etc
  2. Marketing material for blogs, Facebook pages etc. 
  3. Free advertising on stall lists, Twitter, Facebook etc, membership to an advertising group where you can get together with other Crafters and promote each other and the event
  4. The opportunity to create your own CRAFTfest  stall on the Creative Connections Social Network linking customers to your products wherever they may be on the Internet.

So don't miss out, sign up for CRAFTfest today! 
 The sooner you  sign up, the sooner you can start promoting!


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Thank You to #Craftfest

A huge big thank you!

It's been another successful Craftfest! Last week saw the running of the Spring 2013 Craftfest - the biggest online craft fair.  As usual it was a busy week filled with helping to promote the event through various mediums. Pinning, Tweeting, Stumbling, Blogging and Facebooking promotions were just some of the things that went on!

For me by partaking in Craftfest I have 5 main aims:
1. To achieve sales  
2. To increase the awareness of the name ColaCreations and items I sell
3. To increase my network or fellow crafters
4. To learn about other web mediums such as Pinterest, Blogging etc
5. To increase the awareness of and promote Craftfest itself as an event

Once again Craftfest has been a great learning experience and to some extent I have achieved all the aims I set myself.  Each time I take part in Craftfest I manage to learn something new (the thing I am most excited about this time is backlinking!) and meet more great people, as well as of course chatting to old crafter acquaintances!

The camaraderie and team work that goes on throughout the week of Craftfest is really phenomenal and something very special to be a part of.

Of course, Craftfest couldn't even operate if it wasn't for the two main ladies behind the scenes: Anna The Crystal Lady and Avril from Sprinkles & Sparkles.  Both put an extraordinary amount of time and effort to making Craftfest the successful event that it is, so a huge thank you to both of them!

Craftfest is held on the Creative Connections Network - this is a great place to meet like minded crafters and well worth joining.  If you are not yet a member then join today!

The next Craftfest will be taking place in June and booking forms will be available soon to book your place.  If you are interested then visit Craftfest today.

I am hoping the next Craftfest will see the launch of another range of great items from ColaCreations......I will keep you in suspense as to what that is!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

My #Craftfest Wishlist

My #Craftfest Wishlist

As part of our Twitter task earlier this week we were all able to have a bit of browsing time at Craftfest and put together a virtual wishlist of all our favourite items.  Not an easy task when there are so many gorgeous things!

I thought today I'd share with you some of the goodies that would be on my #Craftfest Wishlist (so if anyone is in need of a Birthday/Christmas/or just because gift idea for me - here you are!)

Rainbow Suncatcher from Raven's Stained Glass 

Vintage 1950s Sanderson linen cushion cover from Personal Space Interiors

Romantic rat by Minty Club

Personalised Wedding Favour Good Luck Charm from LynseyLovesxxx

Polka Dot Adjustable Ring by Beaded Bazaar

Heart Shaped Hanging Ornaments by Favourite Things

A set of three lovely silver plated forks from Rescue and Revive

Handmade felt rabbit by Pepperpot Crafts

Lamp Work Bead Bracelet in Black and White £40 from The Bead Bounty

Personalised Melamine Plate with a Dancing Monkey Theme by Craftie Chicks

Personalised Bride & Groom Guest Book by Dottie Designs

Yellow and Orange Stained Glass Inspired Wall Hanging $14 USD from JellyBeanPottery

Crochet Bead Earrings from DueAmiche

Apricot Bath Melts from Bath Bomb Creations

I hope you've enjoyed the items on my Wishlist - why not go and have a browse yourself! Craftfest is open until 23rd March 2013!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Wedding Season at Craftfest!

Wedding Ideas!

For unique and unusual wedding favours, wedding jewellery, wedding gifts, wedding keepsakes, decorations and lots more, visit the WeddingStalls over at Craftfest.

I have put together a selection of some unusual, unique and bespoke Wedding items!

The creators and sellers of these sensational items are:

Fairyhogmama – creating simply stunning bridal tiaras and jewellery

Keep It In a Frame – handcrafting beautifully finished personalised wedding guest books.  Also featured are the super cute personalised Bridesmaid and Page Boy Thank You gifts.

Created in Cloth – running up the cute Groom/Best Man and Bride/Bridesmaid Bottle aprons – a great Thank You or Wedding gift

Kwurk-ee – creating exquisite head pieces from silk and embellished with quality crystals, glass pearls and beads.

And of course I couldn’t not mention ColaCreations!

ColaCreations - creating personalised wedding wall art, Mr & Mrs Coasters, Bride and Groom coasters and personalised Confetti!

Visit Craftfest today!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Baby boom at #craftfest

Craftfest goodies for small people!

With Spring just around the corner (well despite the forecast snow!), it's that time  for lambs, bunnies and babies!  With that in mind I thought I'd dedicate this Blog to those sellers that have gorgeous, cute and adorable items for babys, toddlers and small people!

So without further ado, I have put together a selection of fabulous items!

Doodlebump -creating  beautiful Personalised Nursery Pictures

The Old Button - fabric gifts for little people!

Jelliebabies - Handmade bespoke nursery packages , baby accessories and personalised clothing.

Daisy Eliza Designs - Hand knitted and crocheted baby clothes and accessories

Mammazoom - creating fun and Practical hand crocheted Beanie and Hats for all the ages.

Sockies by KFH - creating toys from socks (Sockies!)

 ColaCreations - creating a lasting personalised keepsake.  Beautiful framed wall art.

For these great items and more, visit Craftfest today!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Shop 'til you drop!

Shopping in comfort!

All ladies that LOVE shopping, but hate the sore feet from too much walking and the aching arms from carrying those shopping bags.  If this is you, then you need to visit Craftfest today!  The place where you can browse, peruse, mooch around and make fabulous purchases all from the comfort of your arm chair!
Whether you're looking for gifts for friends or families, stunning jewellery, bath and beauty treats, fashion &  accessories or you just fancy treating yourself to something new, you'll find this and lots more at Craftfest.

To help you in your shopping quest, I have put together a few of the stalls you can visit! So without further ado - here we go!

Arabella's Attic - selling handmade bags, purses and accessories

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

Kwur-Kee - the creators of stunning headpieces, all inspired by cocktail hats and fascinators popular in the 1940s and 1950s. They are created from silk and embellished with fine quality crystals, glass pearls and beads.

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

NoodleBubble - the place to buy fab fun felt delights, including brooches and button jewellwery.

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

Raven's Stained Glass - Beautiful handcrafted stained glass suncatchers and gifts, plus a selection of handcrafted jewellery featuring carefully hand selected semi precious gemstones, crystals and beads.


Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

Personal Space Interiors - the home of beautiful vintage, retro and contemporary style cushions, home accessories and gifts.

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

From Rags to Bags - makers of Handmade homewares and handbags.

Find more photos like this on Creative Connections

There are plenty of other incredible stalls selling beautiful items.  Craftfest is open for the rest of the week, so don't delay visit today!

CRAFTfest is here!!

CRAFTfest is here!!

If you're looking for some fabulous handcrafted items that are truly unique then visit the Spring Craftfest - the biggest online craft fair!  You'll find a range of amazing items, from jewellery to gifts, homeware to bath & beauty products, childrens toys, cards, items for pets and lots lots more!

This CRAFTfest has seen the launch of a new Keepsake range from ColaCreations.

My keepsakes are handmade and personalised prints to celebrate the arrival of new babies and the celebration of weddings!

Each keepsake is a bespoke print mounted and in a box frame ready to hang on the wall.  The deep box frames are available in either small or large.  The printed wording is personalised, printed on premium card and there are several different designs available so you can create something completely unique and bespoke.


This beautiful keepsake can be for either a new baby girl or baby boy.  The wording and colour can be of your choice.  The wording is bordered by a range of different sized buttons in the colour of your choice.  The perfect gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby! Click here for more information.


A stunning handcrafted personalised wedding keepsake.  The wording, font and colour can be personalised for a completely bespoke piece of art.  The wording is bordered with a heart shape of small individually cut out hearts in different coloured papers. This would make a great wedding, anniversary or engagement gift.
Click here for more information.


Another handmade wedding keepsake completely personalised for a truly unique gift.  The printed wording is personalised and printed on premium card with a border of personalised heart confetti.  The heart confetti can be personalised with your own text.  For example: bride & groom., always & forever, wedding date, the names of the happy couple.  click here for more information. 

I am still of course creating my beautifully scented teacup candles, super useful and practical peg memo magnets and knitting snuggly warm knits.

Please do stop by the Spring CRAFTfest and check out my new range.  Don't forget there are plenty of other talented sellers there who may have something that will take your fancy!

Thanks for taking the time to read! :)