Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Craftfest for Crafty Sellers

Don't miss out on a great business opportunity!

Sell your items at an online Craft Fair!

If you haven't heard about Craftfest, then you are missing a trick in selling your handmade items.

Craftfest is a regular online craft fair that runs for a week and allows you to set up your own craft stall and sell your items through it. There are several Craftfest events that run throughout the year and the next event is 29th June - 6th July 2013.

Taking part in Craftfest is the ideal opportunity not only to sell your items and gain more exposure, but it is also a great place to network, meet other sellers and to learn new marketing skills.

Each event is hosted by Creative Connections Social Network.  This is a great place to meet fellow crafters from all over the world, so even if you don't take part in Craftfest it is well worth joining Creative Connections! 

Once you have signed up for Craftfest you can create your stall and start promoting it straight away! As Craftfest is a community event you will get promotions from the Creative Connections Blogs, but you will also get promotions from other sellers too and so increase your stall exposure!

So now onto the important aspect, money.........

Unbelievably you can book a stall at Craftfest for a mere £5.00!  An absolute bargain (and well worth it!)

There are other pricing options available if you want help setting up your stall.  The options available are as follows:

Option 1
Standard Stall Booking - £5.00

Option 2
Stall and initial Set up - £10.00
This option includes your initial Creative Connections account set up on the Network and the creation of an empty stall for you ready to fill with your items.

Option 3
This option includes your initial Creative Connections account set up on the Network, the creation of a stall and up to 15 items added with a description, price and links

Once you sign up to Craftfest you will have access to: 
  1. A digital flyer that you can post on the Internet and also print at home to put up in offices/schools etc
  2. Marketing material for blogs, Facebook pages etc. 
  3. Free advertising on stall lists, Twitter, Facebook etc, membership to an advertising group where you can get together with other Crafters and promote each other and the event
  4. The opportunity to create your own CRAFTfest  stall on the Creative Connections Social Network linking customers to your products wherever they may be on the Internet.

So don't miss out, sign up for CRAFTfest today! 
 The sooner you  sign up, the sooner you can start promoting!



  1. Fab blog post Tania - will go and share with the world!

  2. Fab blog Tania, have shared. Will definitely be looking into bloging this time round, did set it up last year but not used it much, need to get a feel of bloging, will have a nosy around xxx.

  3. Great post - looking forward to my second craft fest in June - see you there!

  4. Thanks ladies for all your comments!!

  5. Brilliant stuff Tania - I've shared etc and I'm posting my own tomorrow so let's see how far we can spread the word!
    Gill x

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