Sunday, 24 March 2013

Thank You to #Craftfest

A huge big thank you!

It's been another successful Craftfest! Last week saw the running of the Spring 2013 Craftfest - the biggest online craft fair.  As usual it was a busy week filled with helping to promote the event through various mediums. Pinning, Tweeting, Stumbling, Blogging and Facebooking promotions were just some of the things that went on!

For me by partaking in Craftfest I have 5 main aims:
1. To achieve sales  
2. To increase the awareness of the name ColaCreations and items I sell
3. To increase my network or fellow crafters
4. To learn about other web mediums such as Pinterest, Blogging etc
5. To increase the awareness of and promote Craftfest itself as an event

Once again Craftfest has been a great learning experience and to some extent I have achieved all the aims I set myself.  Each time I take part in Craftfest I manage to learn something new (the thing I am most excited about this time is backlinking!) and meet more great people, as well as of course chatting to old crafter acquaintances!

The camaraderie and team work that goes on throughout the week of Craftfest is really phenomenal and something very special to be a part of.

Of course, Craftfest couldn't even operate if it wasn't for the two main ladies behind the scenes: Anna The Crystal Lady and Avril from Sprinkles & Sparkles.  Both put an extraordinary amount of time and effort to making Craftfest the successful event that it is, so a huge thank you to both of them!

Craftfest is held on the Creative Connections Network - this is a great place to meet like minded crafters and well worth joining.  If you are not yet a member then join today!

The next Craftfest will be taking place in June and booking forms will be available soon to book your place.  If you are interested then visit Craftfest today.

I am hoping the next Craftfest will see the launch of another range of great items from ColaCreations......I will keep you in suspense as to what that is!

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