Saturday, 26 October 2013

Reasons why you should....

....sign up for the next CRAFTfest event!

If you're a Craft Seller then you'll want to get involved in the next CRAFTfest event running from 16th - 23rd November 2013.  Booking forms can be found here

Top 10 reasons why you should take part in CRAFTfest:

1. It's cheaper than a stall at a traditional craft fair.
2. You can set your stall up well in advance of the event so there is no last minute panic that you have forgotten something vital.
3. It's quick and easy to set your stall up with help and advice from team leaders.
4. The event is not weather dependent so your stall will still receive visitors even if the weather is bad! Your customers will be shopping from the comfort of their home!
5. There is no danger of running out of change for your customers!
6. You can learn new online promotional skills 
7. Meet like minded people on the Creative Connections platform
8. Plenty of promotion across varying social media platforms prior to the event.
9. No early morning start preparing to get to the event to set up.
10. Lots of SALES!

Sign up here today to secure your stall!


  1. Even if you get no sales, there is a lot of traffic generated through this event, much more that you would get if you were advertising on the high street and you learn a lot about how social media can help promote your site.