Monday, 3 September 2012

Sharing the Craftfest Blog Lurve!

OK, so today's CRAFTfest task is to share the Blog Lurve.  An easy task you might thing....unfortunately not when you have limited time and there are so many great Blogs out there to choose from! 

The idea behind the award is to find a Blog that you like and award it the Craftfest 'I Love Your Blog Award'.  I was lucky enough to be given the award by Garreth and Carla at ScentCosmetics (thanks for this guys!)

So, after much consideration, I am awarding it to SayisSays. They are crafters after my own heart and have a range of different items they make.  They primarily started off creating lovely cards for all occasions and have expanded to include handmade gifts such as jewellery, magnets and notebooks.  I find the Blogs really easy to use and they also tend to put great tips and tutorials on their Blog which I am always interested in!

If you are sent a Craftfest 'I Love Your Blog' Award and you would like to Share
The Lurve, then have a look at this.

How To Share the Craftfest Lurve

1. Paste our 'I Love Your Blog' Badge to your page
2. Put on a link to the Blogger who sent it to you
3.  put a link to the Blogger you are awarding the Lurve to
4.  List some other Blogs you like
5.  Inform all the bloggers you have mentioned by commenting on their Blogs
6. List 'How To Share The Craftfest Lurve'
 7.  Tell us something you would like to say, or show us something you would like to sell

 So here are some other blogs I'm in to at the moment
Scent Cosmetics
Handmade in Keswick
Beaded Bazaar
The Old Button
Inky Prints
The DressMakersCloset
KK Marie
Siog Designs
Pins and Needles Worcester
The Crystal Cavern
Little Creatures
The Bead Bounty
Free Spirit Designs
Country Bazaar

And the Thing I'd Like to Show You

My latest arm warmers that I've been making in preparation for the winter!  I am also experimenting in knitted Cowls and Scarves!


  1. thank you for the mention!

    your arm warmers look gorgeous :) x

  2. Thanks for the mention and I agree with Free Spirit Designs - your arm warmers are gorgeous

  3. Thanks for including me in your list of blogs you're in to at the moment. I'd included yours in my list before I read this. Mutual admiration :)

  4. Sharing the Lurve
    Thanks for the mention, Have mentioned you on my blog here

  5. Thank you so much! I appreciate the nod!

  6. Hiya, Thank you for the mention
    I'm sharing the Craftfest love too! I've mentioned your blog on my blog post here :
    Hope you're having a fab Craftfest