Saturday, 30 January 2016

What's the deal with #CRAFTfest?

#CRAFTfest - February 2016

Have you heard about #CRAFTfest?

Marketing, tutoring, community spirit and lots of fun!

If you have an online craft business then you'll want to be involved in #CRAFTfest, the largest online craft fair.

What are the benefits of getting involved?
1. Sell your creations
2. Networking with like minded people and making new friends
3.  Learn new marketing skills
4.  Gain online exposure for your business

The first #CRAFTfest event is open 26th - 28th February 2016.  The event is held directly on the Craftfest Events website.  The event will have a selection of categories such as Jewellery, mixed crafts, crochet and knitting etc.  Your stall will appear in whichever category you select and the window to your stall will take the customer directly to your online shop, your Blog, your Facebook page - or wherever you want to send them.

The #CRAFTfest team will be with you every step of the way to help assist in marketing the event and in the lead up to the event there will be lots of marketing activities to get involved in to help maximise your promotion .  Your stall will appear on a Blog written by the #CRAFTfest team, and there will also be tweeting fellow stall holders links, posts on facebook, pinning on Pinterest and more.
#CRAFTfest is a community event for everyone to get involved in and part of it's success is down to everyone helping with marketing and networking for the event as this is the best way to get visitors to come along and browse through the stalls. It is also a great opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends.
All it costs is £5 (this is purely to cover admin costs to set up your stall)

Limited places available - click here book your stall now!

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