Wednesday, 21 May 2014

#Craftfest is coming

A quick post this morning just to share a fabulous poem penned by a fellow Craftfester!  

So from the talented Janet from Glitterwitch:

CraftFest is coming, and we just can't wait
So get out your diary and pop in the date.
For eight days in May, open 24/7,
Browse at your leisure  - it's a piece of gift heaven!
All handmade with love and crafted with care
You'll find lots of items you won't see elsewhere
So from May 24 until May 31
CraftFest is open - come on everyone!

Craftfest will be open from 24th - 31st May 2014 - drop by and browse the fabulous stalls and all the wonderful handcrafted items that are for sale!

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