Monday, 2 July 2012

My very first Blog!

Well here it is!  My very fist Blog post.  The problem is, what do I write about first?  I suppose I should start off by explaining a bit about myself and my love of crafting.  I have always enjoyed making things and being creative.  Even from a young age I remember making my family gifts and cards for Christmas and Birthdays.  I even remember starting a business when I was 10 years old making stationary and book marks that I printed with my Whinnie the Pooh stamps! I once had this great idea that I was going to make myself a beautifully elegant long flowing skirt from one of my mum's bed sheets - needless to say this wasn't a success on so many levels!  Firstly my mother was a little cross that she lost a good bed sheet, secondly I was attempting to hand sew my creation and thirdly I remember trying to measure and cut out the design by lying on the sheet!!  I do remember having one sewing success when I was younger and managed to hand sew myself a patchwork skirt.  I was so very proud and how I wish I still had it now!
I have come a long way since then and have tried my hand at lots of different crafts, some successfully and some not quite so successfully!  Encouraged by my family and friends to do something a bit more serious with my hobby I decided to try and sell some of my items, and to my astonishment people actually started to buy them!!  And so ColaCreations was born!  The items I have for sale in my shops are so diverse as I am always trying my hand at new crafts; from peg memo magnets to candles, cards and jewellery - it really is an eclectic mix!  

Candle in a Tea Cup

Peg fridge magnets

The main places I sell my items are on Folksy and WOWThankyou. ColaCreations is featured on other craft selling sites, but I have decided only to focus on these sites for the moment.  I do have a full time job which means I have to slot my crafting time in when I can!

I have to say writing this Blog was so much easier and so much more fun than I thought it would be!!  So until next time!!  xxx


  1. Hi and welcome to the blogging world, its very addictive, I like you started selling stationary at school, but mine was snoopy lol. I highly recommend following CraftBlogUK, Hilary has great tips on blogging for crafters and we have a weekly twitter chat for craft bloggers on Sunday nights

  2. Welcome to Blogland! :)

    Rosie. x

  3. Clare - thanks for the tips, and think I'm going to have a look at the Sunday night chat!

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Just found you on UK Handmade :)

    Here's my blog:

    KnittyNora xx