Monday, 23 July 2012

Super cool tile coasters

Has another week really passed us by so quickly?  Where did it go! Well for me, (aside from my normal day job) I have been spending my evenings replenishing my stock of tile coasters. I had quite a few sales last week of my Blue and White Tile Coasters! I must admit they are lovely, but I wanted to experiment with some other designs.

So after much rummaging around in one of my many boxes of craft goodies I found some other fabulous designs to use!
Check out my ‘Afternoon Tea Coasters’ which are patterned with gorgeous tea cup and saucers. I am a massive fan of tea cups and saucers! Tea always tastes better out of a proper tea cup – not that I have time to make a proper pot of tea these days! It tends to be a PG tips pyramid in a mug with a tiny dash of skimmed milk and nice and strong! The tea bag must NOT be squeezed and the teaspoon used must not be double dipped into someone else’s coffee or tea with sugar and then dipped in to my tea. Not that I am fussy about my tea!
But enough about tea, I also found some brightly coloured birdy patterns that are just so cute!

I have also tried something a bit different this week with my Blackboard coasters. These coasters are uber cool and can be written on in chalk and then wiped clean. A great way for writing fun messages or keeping track of your drink! My hubby loved the photoshoot I did for these products as I did actually have to request that he had a beer so I could use it as a prop in my photos – there were no complaints from him! Although my complaint was what happened to Tania’s wine?? Tonight I think it will make an appearance!

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