Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Stamping - my new favourite thing!

Who knew stamping could be so simple and so much fun??  I've always shied away from the stamping section in Hobbycraft, I'm not entirely sure why - perhaps it was the potential cost, perhaps it was lack of inspiration or perhaps (and most likely) it was because I've been busy experimenting with other crafts!  Either way I have a good friend of mine to thank for getting me in to 'Stamping' (thanks Linda!). 

A few weeks ago we met up for a 'card making morning' - really just a good excuse to while away a few hours gossiping and crafting!  She had with her a whole array of clear rubber stamps - well I'd never seen anything so exciting!  I just thought stamps came as those wooden blocks - I had no idea about clear stamps and acrylic blocks.  Well needless to say after a morning spent using her stamps, I headed off to Hobbycraft to pick up my own stash.  Luckily for me there was a sale on the inks and I managed to get some 'free' clear stamps in one of the crafting magazines.  (I have since made quite a collection of stamps thanks to all these freebies and a sale in Hobbycraft - in fact I have already managed to pick up some Christmas themed stamps ready for my Christmas cards!).

So, what does my kit consist of: a small acrylic block, and ink pad and stamp selection - that really is it!

Of course it hasn't all been just a case of stamping motifs on to cards.  I have been experimental and some cards came out better than others.  I think getting the composition of the motifs is key and some of my cards have been a bit 'overdone'.  Having said that, I have ended up with a few cards that I am very pleased with, and have made a few stationary sets that are now available to buy on WowThankyou.

Leaf motif cards - blank inside

Tree motif cards - blank inside

Flower and button cards - blank inside - coming to WOWTY soon!

So, my advice to any non stampers is to definitely give it a go!

Thanks for reading!

Tania xxx


  1. I love stamping, even if i only have 4 stamps at the moment. But i can't wait to build up my collection. Very jealous of your flower one.

    Lovely cards, the flower one is my fav.


    1. You can still have lots of fun with 4 stamps!!

      The flower one came in a set with loads of other flower ones - all very pretty.

      It's probably time for me to start stamping again! :) It's been at least 24 hours since my last stamping session!

  2. I love stamping! (my dad thinks it's hilarious to call yourself a stamper...)

    I have many many stamps that I won't use though. I don't want to get them dirty!

  3. Ooooo a fellow stamper! Isn't it soooo much fun! Although how will I ever see your stamping creations if your stamps are still in the packet :)